Do Vampires Exist? Where They Live and What They do?

Vampire is a very common word among the horror movie lovers. In some romantic films, the vampire is also a common character. There have been thousands of legends and folklore about this bloodsucker human-like creature. But, Do vampires really exist? If yes, what would they do? This article will share some exciting information with you about it.

Who watched the animation “Hotel Transylvania”? Oh, I love that count Dracula.  I like the part where the count tries to scare the humans and gets angry when the humans act like him by saying “bla bla bla.”

What will be your reaction when I say that there is really count Dracula out there working with you or staying with you? Wait, are you thinking that I have gone mad or trying to steal your attention? Well, grab your seat and stay with me until this article is finished. You will then know why I am asking all these. Let’s know about do vampires exist? Where they live and what they do?

What Do We Know About Vampire?

Vampire!! When we hear the word, a picture comes in our mind that a man with the long black overcoat and sharp fangs are searching for people to drink the blood during the night time. Yikes!! The best classic horror character ever. Though it is believed that Bram Stoker Dracula novel was the first epic novel that introduced this character in 1897, the truth is Dracula was there before stoker was born.

This blood-sucking monster has different characteristics, but all Dracula is the same in one activity that is killing people by drinking the blood by sucking and turn them in a vampire.

As the sunlight makes the power of vampire weak, so this monsters roam at night time and hunt for their prey. Some vampire has the power of turning into a wolf or bat. It is for keeping themselves safe from getting noticed.

The vampire has the strong hypnotic power that effects the victim, for this, the victim can’t escape from the clasp of the vampire.

They don’t have their own shadow and can’t see own image in the mirror. In general, vampires hunt at night since sunlight weakens their powers. Some may have the ability to morph into a bat or a wolf. Vampires have super strength and often have a hypnotic, sensual effect on their victims. They can’t see their image in a mirror and cast no shadows.

Pumpkin Vampire

If Vampires Really Exists, Where Would They Live?

As I told you before, vampires do really exist. Now the question is where do vampires live? They like to live in the places where they can stay alive and get “blood” to drink to live. Well, I am kidding.. They love to live in the big cities because it is the place where they can stay on their own and get help from their community without being noticed.

The truth is vampires are not immortal as it is believed. Basically, they live short as they suffer from different health conditions. Some end their life by committing suicide.

If you really want to see real-life vampires, well go to any church at night, you will see some groups who are whispering among themselves.

History Of The Vampire:

It is now time to look at the history of the vampire. This blood-sucking monster was first introduced in the Greek mythology.

According to the mythology, the story started with Ambrogio, an Italian young man, and his love Selena. In this story all types of flavors like love, passion, hatred, the curse are available. You will also get to know about different vampire characteristics like sun sensitivity, bloodsucking and many more.

Well, the story is- Ambrogio was in the legendary oracle temple of the sun god, Apollo and there he saw Selena. It was love at first sight, and he proposed to her instantly. But he didn’t know that Apollo was in love with Selena. Out of jealous, Apollo cursed Ambrogio; the curse made his skin non -exposable to sunlight. If Ambrogio went out the sun, his skin would get burned.

Ambrogio was desperate. At first, he went to the underworld god, Hades and then to the goddess of the hunt, Artemis. But Hades made Ambrogio steal Artemis’s silver bow. But this made Artemis angry, and he cursed that any types of silver will cause burn in Ambrogio’s skin.

Later after long suffering, Artemis forgave Ambrogio and gifted him immortality, super strength and sharp fangs to kill animals and use the blood to write love poems for his love Selena.

Finally, Selena managed to escape from Apollo and united with Ambrogio. But human and immortal was an obstacle in their reunion. Then Artemis helped them; she told Ambrogio to drink Selena’s blood to make her spirit alive for forever. The blood of them will make anyone a vampire who drink it.

Another myth was Vlad the Impaler, the character that encouraged Bram Stoker to create the legendary Count Dracula. Vlad Dracula was from Transylvania, Romania. He was the ruler of Walachia and Romania in the years 1456-1462.

In the history, this man is known as just but damn cruel ruler. He fought with the Ottoman empire and defeated him. But he was reckless and heartless with his enemies; he used to kill them piercing a wooden stake. This is why he is known as Vlad the Impaler.

History says, Vlad Dracula ate his dinner with the dead enemies and loved to eat bread by dripping with their blood. I know the feeling guys..soooo creepy!! But there is no proof of these stories.

Stoker used these stories in his novel and created the Dracula who drinks blood and killed his victims by piercing stake in the heart.

As there is a confusion between real vampire exist or not, there is a tragic story about a woman called Mercy Brown, who was the victim of a wrong identification. People at her time thought she was a vampire.

The story was, she was the daughter of a local farmer, George Brown. She lived in Exeter, Rhode Island.

In 1800, George had lost the maximum of his family member including mercy. All of them died of tuberculosis, but the community didn’t believe it. They started to get the buried body out and check the bodies for any kind of unusualness. Of all the bodies, mercy’s body had less decay as her body was on the ground in the winter time. But they were sure that mercy is the vampire and burned her body in ashes. Then the ashes were given to her ailing brother to drink. But as it is expected, her brother was dead as soon as he drank it.

The myths about vampires:

The terrifying villain of all time, the count Dracula is reigning the horror world since Bram Stoker wrote the novel “Dracula.” Since then it was a question – do the vampire exists?

The real fact is, the vampire was there in the times of our ancestors especially in the Mediterranean time.

There are some famous myths about vampires. They are:

  • The vampire takes the form to bat:

To keep themselves safe and secured it is told that vampire turns into a bat. There is also information that vampires turn into snakes, wolves, sheep, donkeys, pigs, horse, cats and many other common animals. The bat form is popular because people are afraid of bats.

  • A vampire can’t see own reflection in mirrors:

Stoker made this theory and believe me still it haunts in peoples mind.

  • A vampire has no shadows:

The count has no shadow of his own.

  • A vampire can’t cross running water:

A vampire needs flood tides to cross the running water. This theory also works for the ghosts and spirits.

  • Vampire gets burn in the sunlight:

It is why the vampire doesn’t come out in the sunlight. They get burned and die during the exposure.

Do vampires really exist?

Yes, they do exist. Hey, wait! Don’t get panic- let me explain.

Don’t think that vampire means wearing a long black overcoat roaming around with fangs that are ready to pierce and suck your blood. Actually, they are normal people who are working with you and staying with you. They need to drink blood to get energy in their body. Actually, they think in that way. Yes, they need help mentally and physically, but they are too afraid and hesitates to come out to the world and admit that they are real vampires. Because our society is not ready to hear this truth and something bad happens all the time when this kind of news comes out. So they form a secret community among themselves and gets blood when they need.

One report says, in the U.S 5000 vampires are there living and walking like normal people. They claim that they need to drink the blood of human or animals to stay alive. The researchers say the self-claimed vampires are normal as we are, just their blood drinking habit makes them different. They have donors who give them blood to stay alive.

Scientific Explanation About The Vampire Existence:

Ever heard of Porphyria? Well, this disease can explain the vampire-like activity and look. This disease is hereditary and is responsible for protein absent in the red blood cell. There are types of porphyria, those who have this disease suffer from- paleness, madness, insomnia, high blood pressure and allergic reaction to the sunlight. In some human body especially on the teeth, this disease makes the incisor teeth growth abnormal that makes it look like the big fang. In ancient time, patients with this disease were given animal blood as for treatment. So you can tell the blood sucking myth was not false at all. But gradually the myth, the characters, and blood drinking habit made the vampire character as the monster, and the picture in our mind was made with fear.

Bats and vampire: do they relate?

In reality, we find similarity in bats and vampires. Some bat species are found in the farms and forests of Argentina, northern Chile, and Mexico. These bats are the bloodsucker. They are the mammal and can fly same like a vampire. This bats comes in three species: the white-winged vampire bat, the hairy-legged vampire bat, and the common vampire bat.

This bat has a thermal sensor that helps to detect the blood flowing vein of their victim. They just insert the long incisor in the skin and suck the blood. The saliva is an anticoagulant, so the blood doesn’t get the clot. They just suck the blood in little amount, so the victim doesn’t get affected.

These vampire bats don’t attack humans. It is the rare case. The danger of getting an attack with this bat is getting rabies.

These are the similarities between a vampire and a vampire bat. Amazing right?

Real life vampire experiences:

Do Vampires Exist? Where they live and what they do?- Here is some real-life vampire story that will make you believe that vampire really exist.

  • Peter Plogojowitz, The First Vampire:

This man was the first example of the vampire in 1730. Whether it is tale or true, the story is a chilling incident. The story is one day Peter was dead, and he was buried. But during night people in the village claims that he was walking like a normal people healthy and happy. His wife also claimed that Peter came and wanted his shoes. But the thing that makes the story like a horror movie is most of the village people was suffering from an unknown disease, and people were dying. Before dying, they demanded that they have seen Peter in their home and choked them. When the dying number was increasing, people of the village decided to take a look at the peter’s body in the grave. When the coffin was dug out, and the lid was opened, the body was breathing. In fear, everyone pierced a wooden stalk in the heart and burned the body immediately. After doing this, the unknown disease was gone forever. Mysterious right?

  • Hit and Run Victims Blood Were Sucked:

This incident did not happen in a long time ago. This was in 2013 in Zimbabwe. Four kids were dead in a road accident; the bodies were on the road. The horror started then when a group of people wearing black robe came there and started to drink the blood. It was a horrible scene, and there were many witnesses. To get rid of them, people took the help of a man named, Banda. Banda helped the police to catch the people who were there in the scene, and the police raided their house. There they found baboons and some unknown weird animals that were never seen before. Creepy!!!

  • The Dangerous Richard Trenton Chase:

In 90’s Richard was the vampire at that time. This man was full of mental problem and super drug addicted. When he was young, he began to drink blood and eat fresh meats of a human. For this, he killed six people and drank and ate their blood and flesh. He was sentenced to death, but this monster escaped it by committing suicide with an overdose of sleeping pills in the cell.

  • Don Henry, A Real-life Vampire:

Don accepted that he was a vampire and he did consume human blood to stay alive. According to him, there are vampire communities throughout the world. He claims that they have donors who give the blood willingly.

But some incidents tell that some vampires don’t wait for donors, they love to look for the victims at night and drink blood. But still, this incident has no proof.

Admit or not, We love Vampire:

Yes, it is 100% true. When we have some fancy dress competition or during Halloween time, most of us like to look like a vampire. If we didn’t like the count Dracula, how would stoker get famous with his great count Dracula character? After that, they are tons of film, books have been published to entertain us. It is us, who still kept the vampire character alive and I think it will continue to fascinate us forever.

I think you have now the answer to Do Vampires Exist? Where they live and what they do? If you meet one, don’t panic. They really have a great sole. It is just the gene that made them bloodsuckers. Thanks to modern science, who made vampires not harmful. But in classic books, novels, films the vampire will be the best known classical monster of all time.

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