Top 10 Haunted Places In Hong Kong

Hong Kong is the east and west meeting place blending with China. It is mainly situated on the southeast coast of China. Economically it is the international business hub and doorway to China and Asia’s economic opportunities. There are many haunted places all around this beautiful state. The stories behind those haunted places are very much thrilling. So, let’s not wasting time we will tell you about 10 most haunted places in Hong Kong.

Top 10 Most Terrifying Haunted Places in Hong Kong:

Haunted places are interesting to visit and stories behind them stimulate us. So, here are the top 10 haunted locations with stories.

Bride’s Pool Haunted Hong Kong

  1. Bride’s Pool:

This serene waterfall is named after a bride who drowned in this pool. It is situated in Tai Po and reportedly known as one of the most haunted places in Hong Kong. In 2011, some burnt ashes were found near the Bride’s Pool with abandoned spirit tablets scattered under trees.

Locals believe in a rumor that evil spirits of this pool will pull you into its water as they feel lonely and looking for companions. The road above the pool is sealed as eeriness. It is also nicknamed as “The Deadly Curve” and labeled as junction black site. In spite of this there has been many deadly car accidents happening.

Haunted Central Hospital Hong Kong

  1. Hong Kong Central Hospital:

It was built in 1960. It is abandoned in 2012. Ever since the closure of this hospital passers-by can feel supernatural presence and bothering noises. Report says 6,000 abortions were used to happen at this hospital every year.

Haunted Hong Kong Bridges Street

  1. Bridges Street:

It is one of the most haunted places of Hong Kong related to Japanese invasion during World War 2. Bridges Street was the Japanese barrack during the war. The soldiers committed massive suicide inside the barrack when Japan surrendered in 1945. From the time now the bridges street become haunted. Locals who live nearby the Bridges Street said that they often hear footsteps of an army machine. They also claimed to see the shadows of armies while some of them coming from the YMCA hall with teary eyes.

Haunted Dragon Lodge Hong Kong

  1. Dragon Lodge:

It’s an abandoned mansion. Last resident of this mansion claimed to see a young child’s ghost with matted hair wearing a white lace nightgown. The frightening house was execution site of seven Catholic Nuns of Japan as well as. Neighbours complain about weird noises.

Haunted Chi Lok Villa of Hong Kong

  1. Chi Lok Villa:

Chi Lok villa is located around the Castle Peak Beach. It was once built in 1995 by a businessman surnamed Lo. Lo and his family move from the mansion in the late 1970s. Then the mansion was sold to a developers company. But the mansion was left abandoned. Rumors arose that during the abandoned period a businessman was murdered and buried there.

The mansion became the favorite spot for war game enthusiasts in 1990s. In this time the Chi Lok Villa represented as the haunted house in Hong Kong. One of a war gamer said a detached arm patted on his shoulder. Then the gamer ran out in a freaking way and broke his own arm in running process.

Haunted Tsat Tsz Mui ROAD HK

  1. Tsat Tsz Mui ROAD:

Tsat Tsz Mui Road is literally known as Seven Sisters Road. It was once a fishing village 1000 years ago. There were seven orphan girls used to live in that village and had a very close relationship same like sisters. They decided to made a vow to share the same destiny on seven sister festivals. After that people of the village called them “Seven Sisters”. One day a group of terrorize visited the village and the gang leader’s eyes stuck on one of a sister. He ordered her to marry her within three day. The seven sisters got distressed and cried for three days & nights. On the wedding night the other six sisters tried their hard to delay the wedding procession so that the bride-to-be could run away with them. But the terrorize gang was too much aware. The seven sisters ran away and reached to Tsat Tsz Mui and the gang caught them. They had nowhere to run and decided to commit suicide by drowning. The gang witnessed the incident and run away within two days from the village. The seven sisters recurred after seven days holding their hands together. The gang members were killed by abdomen cutting by themselves. Now, the spot where the sisters died is the meeting point of Tsat Tsz Mui and Model Lane.

Scary White House Compound Hong Kong

  1. White House Compound:

It’s an ancient colonial building. It was once called as Mount Davis Concentration Camp. It was a place for drug induced, murders, interrogation and many more. Locals say they can hear the screams at nights. They also claimed that they can see headless bodies through the windows.

Tak Tak School Ghost Hong Kong

  1. Tak Tak School:

Tak Tak School is now an abandoned school. It was apparently the site of a Japanese massacre during World War 2. It is one of the most haunted schools in Hong Kong. In the washroom of girls’ there is a ghost of an old principle who committed suicide there dressing up in a red dress. It haunts anyone who dare to go there alone.

Granville Road Haunted Hong Kong

  1. Granville Road:

In 1999, A 23 year old woman was cruelly tortured for a month before being killed in Tsim Sha Tsui. Her body was spread into pieces around her when police found her body. Her head was detached from the body and was stuffed into a kitty doll. The CCTV footage shows her ghost wandering around her old apartment.

Haunted Murray House of Hong Kong

  1. Murray House:

The Murray House was an execution spot during World War 2. In this spot, 4,000 citizens were tortured and murdered. The Hong Kong government ordered two exorcisms at the site so that the souls can get free because of the ghosts disrupting the grounds.

So, it’s our top 10 haunted places of Hong Kong. If you wish to visit these places you must have a tour of Hong Kong.

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