Top 10 Most Haunted Bridges Around the World

The world holds many beautiful landmarks that people aim to visit. From various shrines and buildings, you’ll find these structures hold so much meaning to each country and its inhabitants. Even bridges hold their own story, with them having the most tragic or beautiful past. Bridges are what hold the city, connecting them to other places around the country. Many have beautiful architecture and stories behind their construction. But did you know that some of them have the freakiest stories? Though these bridges are beautiful, they can also be scary at the same time, with people avoiding them because of it apparently being haunted! Interested in knowing what they are? We show you the top ten most haunted bridges around the world!

These Top 10 Most Haunted Bridges Around the World will Definitely Scare You:

Here are some of the haunted bridges many locals try to stay away from because of their tragic stories and haunted sightings. Dare you check them out when you’re in the area?

  1. Governor’s Bridge Road, Bowie, Maryland

This is a bridge where a woman killed her newborn baby because of the reputation she may get for being unmarried. People have said that they could hear a baby crying and a car driving past, which may be the mother looking for her baby! May it be her and her car in search for her child? Who knows. But it’s a place where many roam at night in search for that ghostly encounter.

haunted Governor's Bridge Road, Bowie, Maryland

  1. Donkey Lady Bridge, Texas

This is called Donkey Lady Bridge as legend has it that this is where a rich merchant’s son killed off a family. This is because the family threw rocks at the son for beating their donkey. The husband of the family died, while the wife survived, though burned. They say that if you dim your lights while crossing the bridge, you can see her resembling a human and donkey in mutilated form!

Haunted Donkey Lady Bridge, Texas

  1. The Haunted Bridge, Peckforton, Cheshire

The Haunted Bridge is found in England, and it isn’t the biggest bridge, but one of the most stunning because of its rustic look. It’s a little footbridge that leads tourists to Peckforton Castle, another historical landmark and tourist attraction. Like many castles, it’s known to be haunted! When walking under the footbridge and looking straight ahead, it’s  said that you can see the ghosts of old servants walking around. Worse part? They say you die within the year if you happen to see a ghost!

The Haunted Bridge, Peckforton, Cheshire

  1. Crybaby Bridge, Monmouth, IL

This is known as one of the most haunted bridges of South Carolina. It’s said that this is where a ghost of a man roams around after dying from a car accident in the 50s. Some say an old servant who was lynched haunts the bridge as well. There is no exact story, but it’s something that many talk about around the Southern US! It’s said that you’ll hear and see many things during the night, from phantom noises to weird orbs and lights. Some have even heard names during recordings when ghost haunting, saying “Abram” and “Willie”.

Haunted Crybaby Bridge, Monmouth, IL

  1. Sachs Bridge Gettysburg

This was known as where the soldiers sought refuge during the Civil War. You will see a LOT of apparitions and ghost stories about the dead soldiers that plague the bridge. Some have said that three soldiers who retreated from their posts were hung here as punishment. You see a lot of ghostly sightings here, and it was said that you can smell smoke coming from the soldiers’ cigarettes.

Haunted Sachs Bridge Gettysburg

  1. Clinton Road Bridge, New Jersey

This is a bit creepy, as it has been said that a boy drowned near this bridge. They say that you can find him roaming around the bridge, and that when you throw coins, he throws them back up or puts it on the road for you to find the next time you pass by there. They even say that he gets angry, with people claiming they are pushed when looking over the sides of the bridge.

Haunted Clinton Road Bridge, New Jersey

  1. Egypt Road Bridge, Ohio

This is known as one of the crybaby bridges, where you hear a baby’s cry throughout the night. In Egypt Road, you’ll find a ton of ghost hunters walking around in hopes of encountering the unknown. There are various stories as to why you hear babies crying at night. Some say a couple didn’t notice their toddler falling into the waters, while some day a woman tried to save her toddler but died in the process. A dead body has been found here in 2006!

Haunted Egypt Road Bridge, Ohio

  1. Colville Covered Bridge, Bourbon County, Kentucky

It was constructed in 1877 then dismantled in 1997. It was finally reconstructed and opened in 2001 and is known as one of the popular haunted areas around the area. It has been said that two teenagers died in a car crash from that bridge in the 30s, and that there was one elderly woman who died while walking on that same bridge. Ever since then, there were ghostly sightings and orbs found at night, where you find ghost hunters roaming around.

Haunted Colville Covered Bridge, Bourbon County, Kentucky

  1. Dunvegan Bridge, Alberta

This is found in Canada, known as one of the biggest suspensions in the area.  It’s almost one of Canada’s most haunted bridges! It has been said that there is a woman in white who wears a hood and roams around the bridge, either staring at you as you cross or picking berries. There is no exact story or explanation, though.

Dunvegan Bridge, Alberta - Haunted Bridge

  1. Hell’s Bridge, Michigan

The stories started in the mid-19th century, when child abductions were abundant in the area. The townspeople came to an old man named Friske, who blamed these abductions on demons. He then instructed the people to look around the woods as he watched over the remaining children, who were obviously killed by the old man as well while they were gone looking for the non-existent culprit. Once they realized it was Friske, they burned hanged him by the bridge, where tales have said that he is still there, along with the abducted children’s bodies.

Hell’s Bridge, Michigan - Haunted

In Conclusion

Bridges have the most beautiful types of architecture, but they can also own the scariest of stories. So, do you want to send shivers down your spine? If you’re traveling around the world and happen to pass by these bridges, why not give yourself a scare and see what they have besides their beautiful structure? These are great for those thrill-seekers who want a bit of fun and excitement! Whether these bridges are closed or open to pass through, explore and appreciate the beauty it sets, as well as the fear it might give you! Take photos and see if the ghost stories are true. It will truly be worth the experience! So, do you think you’ll be crossing these bridges anytime soon? Why not put these on your bucket list the next time you’re traveling? You’ll definitely get a few memorable moments visiting these bridges. There is more to that than where that came from, so expect a lot more freaky stories and haunted places in store for you!

Did you enjoy the article or have any stories? Then comment down below! We’d love to hear your spooky encounters from these haunted bridges!

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