Haunted Dhaka Airport Road – Mysterious Lady Ghost

In Dhaka airport road, A lady ghost often appears and freak out the driver. Want to know more details about this haunted highway? Go through this article. Not only in natural and calm places, Ghosts also exists in urban bricks too. They are freaking urban people. So many tales and myths about them are circling among… Continue reading Haunted Dhaka Airport Road – Mysterious Lady Ghost

Dhaka-Chittagong Highway’s Haunted Places

Dhaka-Chittagong highway is one of the busiest highways in Bangladesh. All the time the road is used to carry various goods from one place to another. Many people also use this road for traveling from Dhaka to Chittagong or vice versa. During the traveling, there is a place named Mirsharai. It is in the Chittagong… Continue reading Dhaka-Chittagong Highway’s Haunted Places