Paranormal Activity or Technical Issue – Haunted Dhanmondi

If anyone asks you to tell about a haunted place in Dhanmondi, probably, you will talk about the apartment of Dhanmondi 27. But, There are other eerie places that we don’t know. Today, You will know about an incident that I have encountered on 1st June 2018 at Dhanmondi 14.

Paranormal Experience in Dhanmondi 14/A

My college friends have arranged a mini-reunion party for our batch 2012. The venue was a restaurant in Dhanmondi 14. In the evening we all friends went there. It was on the 5th floor of a building. Some of us including me planned to go outside and walk on the street for a few moments. After that, We would return to the restaurant.

So, I just pressed on the down indicator button of the elevator. It came and we entered into it. Then, I pressed the G button for the ground floor. Everything was normal. But, When we were on 2nd floor, the elevator started weird behavior. It just stopped by shaking and after that, it started to go vertically upward. Then, It stopped on the 6th floor and opened the door automatically. That was empty and dark as the construction was incomplete. Then, It went to the 8th floor. By the way, Someone pressed the G button again. Then, It was going down. Again, It stopped at the 6th floor without any reason. Nothing happened there. Then, It came down to the second floor and was stopped automatically. It went to the 6th floor again. One of us pressed on the G button. Surprisingly, The elevator stopped at the second floor again. We were in a loop and we were going 6th floor randomly. We got scared. Then, We came out of the elevator and came down through the stairs.

We thought it was a technical problem. By the way, After dinner, Some of our friends including me again used that elevator. Again, We faced the similar problem. This time, it stopped at the 3rd floor and then brought us to the 6th floor automatically. Then, We went to the 7th and 8th floor. Surprisingly, 7th and 8th floor were complete and there were various shops and offices.

We don’t know why the owner of this building did not complete the 6th-floor construction. Why we experienced the weird thing with the elevator. I doubt there is something wrong. Probably, The 6th floor is haunted by any paranormal entity and the owner could not complete its construction. Or probably, I’m wrong.

I have captured a sort of that moment. Though that is not enough to understand the situation. But, What do you think?

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