My First Terrifying Nightmare, Sleep Paralysis and A Horror Experience

Hey, It’s me. Today, I will share my first truly scary dream and sleep paralysis experience. I’m just 22. But in my life i have so many horror experiences. My first horror experience was when i was just 4 years old. But, I’m not gonna share that in details in this article. I’m sharing something from my life when i was 15.

My First Terrifying Nightmare:

Before it, I had so many bad dreams. But those were not so scary. But this one was something that affected me so much. My high school life was very good and enjoyable. When i was in class 10, I experienced my first ugly nightmare. I can’t remember the date. But it was deep night (Probably 2.30 or 3 AM). I saw i was going through a tiny village road. There were no houses. But there were huge fields both sides of the road. There were also some trees. But that road was so much familiar to me in that dream. Suddenly, I saw a flying ugly black man was coming towards me. He was laughing so rudely. Suddenly, I noticed it had been evening. It seemed darkness was coming so fast and that ugly man was so close to me. Till now that dream was not so much scary. But I got scared when i found myself in a graveyard after woken up. I was about to scream. Suddenly, I found myself sitting on my bed. I was sweating. Then i could understand it was double nightmare. Anyway, I drank water and tried to sleep.

Sleep Paralysis and A Horror Experience

After 2/3 days later, I faced extremely horrible situation. One night, I had a bad dream again. I saw someone was telling me: “You will last no longer in this earth and I will kill you right now”. I could not saw the person in dream. Anyway, After hearing this, I woke up immediately. But i found myself in an unexpected situation. I could not move properly. But i was not numb. I could move my hand, legs and body by forcing myself. Somehow i could sit in my bed. After that, I tried to escape from the room. When i stood up in the floor, Something pushed me towards the bed. Noh! It was not my mistake of understanding. I was trying to run out from the room and something was continuously pushing me. I wanted to call my mother loudly but i failed. Because, I could not speak loudly. Suddenly, I started punching the bed. I wanted that sound reach to my mother’s bed room. But it was too far to reach. After that, I read some sentences from Holy Quran. I believe It worked and i could escape from my bed room.

My bad luck, It was not the end. I experienced more cruel situation next night. In my dream, Something was telling me “You escaped last night, But this time will kill you”. Like before, I woke up. But i found myself numb. Even, I could not breath. It was around 1 min i could not move even a single finger. I thought, I was dying. But, I was remembering some Holy sentences from Al Quran. Again, It worked and i could be free.

I knew, My third night experience was sleep paralysis. This could be taken as only sleep paralysis, If the previous incidents would not happen to me. I guessed there was one demonic existence which could control my body. It tried to scare me. Still, Now i believe there was a paranormal existence. Because, I have some more horror experiences with that invisible existence.

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