Jinn and a Kabiraj

Many years ago, In the rural area, human beings were affected by the jinn. It was a very common incident in that time. A kind of peoples knew how to control a jinn. They were known as kabiraj. Generally, jinn choosed a man and gradually started to control him. After a time jinn could be able to control the man completely. It was very disturbing for those people who was staying around the affected people. Some people were afraid of this kind of supernatural thing. So the affected people couldn’t live a general life. Moreover, His life became dangerous due to this jinn.


Who Is Kabiraj?

kabiraj was the man who knew how to  control the jinn. They could talk with jinn and also could understand them. If any person was affected by the jinn, he was sent to the kabiraj for treatment. He knew many processes how to control jinn. Moreover, a kabiraj also knew the process how to become safe from jinn. Now here I’m about to describe a story about a jinn and an kabiraj. This is described below.

This incident was happened about 1990 took in the place at Homna which is in Comilla district. A man was affected by a jinn. He was about 22 years old. There was a well-known kabiraj near his village and his house was about 12-kilo meter away from his house. The kabiraj was called to give treatment to the affected people.

How The Kabiraj Controlled Jinn?

The kabiraj started to go to the place. He took his cousin with him. After reaching the village, the kabiraj, and his relative was sent to a roam to take rest. After some period, the victim was taken to their roam for treatment. The man sat on a chair in front of kabiraj. Then the kabiraj completed his necessary steps for treatment. He was making fire created smoke continuously between them and kept a broom in his hand. In meanwhile, the Imam Saheb of the mosque attended there. Then the kabiraj started to read something. No one around there understood what he read. Later, a strong wind blowed there. And the affected man started shout loudly. And at a time he shouted, “leave me…, leave me…., leave me……”. But the kabiraj didn’t stop his work. He was reading something continuously. After some period, the man became weak gradually and he fell down. During this period, the Imam Saheb prayed to the Almighty ALLAH. The kabiraj requested the jinn to make free the man. But the jinn didn’t follow his word. And became punished by the kabiraj. He kept the jinn in a glass bottle.

Jinn’s Punishment

Then the rural people want the evidence about the jinn. But jinn never shows his face. Then it was seen a small insect like be inside the bottle. The bottle is kept under the ground about 5-meter depth behind the house. It was quite a night. Then the kabiraj with his relative started to return back to his house. But the paranormal things is not ends here.

Paranormal Things Happened With kabiraj & His Relative

The kabiraj and his relative started walking to their house. It was quite a night so there was no transport system to their the house. Here should be mentioned that when the process is going to control the jinn, the other jinn told the kabiraj not trapped the jinn. If he trapped the jinn, something harmful can be happened with them. But the kabiraj didn’t care them. He did his job without any fear. So when they return home, something unnatural happened with them.

Passing The Road Before Highway

Before the path of a highway, when they walking they seem that someone through stone to them. But these stone can’t hurt them. Because, before they started their journey, the kabiraj processed a tabij. He told his cousin hold this thing and never release this during the journey. Anything can be happened in our journey. Don’t worry. If you want to a safe journey, just hold this and follow me. They also noticed some trees are fallen on their path. But they can walk easily. The trees are just fallen on the road but can’t disturb them.

On The Highway

After some period, they walking on the highway. When they are on the highway, nothing unnatural thing  is happened with them. They passed the highway safely.

After The Highway

After passing highway, and started to walk through a narrow road, again something unnatural thing started to happen with them. A fruit local people called it tal started to fall on them from the tree. Even this time they won’t hurt because both of them hold the tabij strongly.

All of these paranormal things are happened till they reached their home. Everything becomes normal when they entered their house. This thing is described as the house was made free form jinn and any kind of paranormal things previously. So the jinn couldn’t enter the house. By this supernatural power, the kabiraj has not affected anymore. But In his cousin’s mind, it created a great impact. That’s why he remain sick for some days

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