Haunted Talbehat Fort, Lalitpur – Story of Seven Crying Ghosts

Indian sub-continent is full of history and historical architectures. Sometimes, You may hear some unusual stories about some historical places. Lalitpur Talbehat Fort is one of these few places that is still carrying a pathetic but haunted story. Usually, Peoples avoid this fort area as much as possible. Because, Locals say that people hear screaming of seven female ghosts when they go nearly that fort. Though, It doesn’t always happen, Still people have a nerve chilling feel about haunted Talbehat Fort.

Haunted Talbehat Fort

Location and History of Haunted Talbehat Fort:

This fort is situated at Talbehat village, Lalitpur District of Uttar Pradesh in India. There are some cool history behind this fort. But, It is well known to some peoples for its haunted background. It was built in 1618 by Bharat Shah. This giant size fort is located beside the massive Mansarovar Lake. So, It can be imagined how beautiful this fort was. In fact, This giant house had all major facilities. It also had 3 temples inside it. But, The haunted story it is carrying covered all of its architectural beauty.

Seven Crying Ghosts of Seven Sisters:

Locals say that there are 7 spirits of 7 sisters. They have haunted Talbehat Fort. It has no doubt that ghosts are scary. But, There is a pathetic story about these 7 crying ghosts. This story is about 150+ years old.

There was well known King called Mardan Singh. Peoples still remember his name with enough respect. But, His father Prahlad Singh was fully different. People hated him and still locals remember his name with hatred. It is because of a crime he did. You know that India has so many festivals. One of a local festivals, Women of nearby villages went to Talbehat fort to take gift. Probably, It was a tradition of that Singh family. Anyway, During that festival, seven virgin sisters of Talbehat village went to the fort. Unfortunately, Prahlad Singh saw them with his lustful eyes and was impressed enough. He ordered Sipahis (soldiers) to take these seven beautiful sisters into prison. Then, He raped them one by one. Probably, These girls were in prison for a few days. One night, They committed suicide by jumping from the roof of that castle.

After knowing this incident, King Mardan Singh became so shame and he ordered to draw pictures of these 7 rape victims in front of Lalitpur fort to show respect to them. Peoples of Talbehat also stopped celebrating that festival. They started to think that day was evil. But, These were not enough. People, Still hear screaming of seven innocent daughters. Locals think, Seven unsatisfied spirits of seven sisters still scream to get proper justice.

People still hear crying sound of these seven ghosts inside or near the castle. But, No one has reported any harm by these ghosts. So, If you want to visit haunted Talbehat fort, You can do it safely.

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