Reportedly Haunted Locations in Dhaka City

A significant number of people are deeply curious about paranormal things. When they know about a haunted location, they become very much excited to know about it more. There are several haunted places in Dhaka city of Bangladesh. After knowing it, some people may become excited. However, We have prepared a list of haunted places in Dhaka city. In this article, You will know about it.

Dhaka is a capital city of Bangladesh. Its population density is very high. So, It is considered as a mega city. Normally, Existence of haunted places in a highly populated area may not seem normal. But, Surprisingly Dhaka has many haunted places that you can’t even imagine.

A List of Haunted Locations in Dhaka:

This list may make you surprised. I’ve collected it by researching online and by gathering information from others. But, I have eliminated some haunted places name from my list because I have doubt about that places or these are not so interesting. However, Here are the names of a few eerie locations of Dhaka.

1. Lalbagh Fort:

This fort is considered as one of the most haunted places in this country. Ghosts of Pori Bibi and a horseman make it more interesting to the horror lovers. Else, People often talk about a secret tunnel which is very creepy. According to a myth, Who enters into this tunnel never return alive or dead.

2. Dhanmondi 27 Haunted House:

To the young generation, This haunted house is very popular. Because This house has been featured in various blogs and media. According to the rumor, After a suicide incident of a woman, the house of Dhanmondi 27 had become haunted. In fact, The whole house is not haunted. It is an apartment building. Only the apartment which has paranormal existence is reportedly haunted. Now, That apartment is abandoned.

3. Dhaka Airport Road:

This is another popular haunted place in Dhaka city. People say this place is haunted by a lady ghost who is responsible for many road accidents.

4. The Cursed Graveyard of Banani:

This graveyard is located beside the Golf Height of Banani. People often hear a screaming of a girl. Sometimes, especially at night, people get a very bad smell. Else, People often feel eerie existence near that graveyard.

5. Haunted House of Monipuripara:

There is a very old house at Monipuripara, Tejgaon. People often talk about various abnormal activities in this house. Especially, At midnight, People often see someone is swinging at the yard of this house. According to the myth, 17/18 years ago, A Christian girl committed suicide in this house. After that incident, People started experiencing unusual things in this house.

6. Purbo Nayatola Rail Crossing:

This is a less known haunted location in Dhaka city. But, The myth about this place is very scary. Sometimes, People see a woman walking through the railroad. She can be a reason of accident of general people. Often peoples die in that area by the railroad accident.

7. Mirpur Indoor Stadium:

This place is very popular. But, Most people don’t know about the haunting stories about this place. Many years ago when this stadium was not built, there was a huge pond which was considered as an eerie place. Every year, One/two peoples died in that pond. But, After construction of the indoor stadium, No similar things happened. But, People think the spirits of dead people may still exist there.

8. Old Dhaka:

There are various small locations at old Dhaka which are considered as haunted. According to some rumors, There are some sweet shops where Jinns go and buy sweets. Only the owner of these shops can understand it. People think sweet is very favorite to djinns. Else, There are some houses which have paranormal existence.

8. Uttara Haunted House:

There are several houses reported as haunted which are located at Uttara, Dhaka. I’m collecting information about them and will publish a complete article about these houses.

9. 47/2 Haunted House of Farmgate:

There are various ghostly rumors about an abandoned house of 47/2 Farmgate. I already have published an article on it. You can know about this house from there.

10. Madrasahs of Lalmatia:

Madrasah is a college or school of Islamic instruction. People think, Jinns study in almost every Madrasah. According to some people in Dhaka, There are some Madrasahs near Lalmatia area where jinns often study as students. A very few human student can notice it.

These are some haunted locations in Dhaka city. We are still collecting information about these places. You can help us by providing information through the inbox of our Facebook page.

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