Terrifying Ghostly Creature of Abkhazia: A Horror Story

In our parallel world, we often encounter such things that have no scientific explanation. You may have an experience that still haunts you. But, Some mysterious and dangerous creatures that appeared in Abkhazia from another dimension is definitely terrifying.

Have you ever heard of the country Abkhazia? Maybe yes or not. It is a beautiful country with so many natural elements. It has become independent not a long ago. After it’s independence, many areas of this became abandoned. Akarmara is one of them. Currently, Akarmara is one of the most fascinating ghost towns in the world. Just a few people live there. That is a beautiful place with scary silence. It seems a real-life horror movie atmosphere. Not only that, some parts of Akarmara are considered haunted by a group of people. It is carrying many horror stories, folklore. But, What happened to a research team in this ghost town is a mystery.

Abandoned buildings in overgrown ghost city Pripyat.
Abandoned buildings in overgrown ghost city Pripyat near Chernobyl nuclear power plant in Ukraine.

The Terrifying Ghostly Creatures of Akarmara, Abkhazia

This story about a team of researchers and some ghostly creatures in Akarmara, Abkhazia.

After the independence, many places including towns from Soviet-era became vacant. Different organizations sent their teams to survey on the abandoned areas. One of these teams went to Akarmara. Before their journey, they were instructed to return their hotel before nightfall. They were supposed to work in day time only. But, This created curiosity among them.

After getting instructions from the local guide to not to stay at night in the ghost town, the curiosity became much more acute. They asked some people why they were instructed not to stay at Akarmara. They got some surprising answers.

People talked about some ghostly creatures that appear at night. If anyone encountered these creatures, he had almost no hope to return alive. So, People weren’t likely to stay at this place at night to avoid unexpected encounters.

The team members of that survey team couldn’t believe this myth. But, An unknown curiosity caught them tightly. So, they decided to stay there at night to see what happens.

Dark silhouette on edge of lake in mysterious forest with fog
Man silhouette on edge of lake in mysterious forest with fog. Dark Halloween woods. Mysterious haunted forest with ghost and lake

The Story:

Despite the forbiddance, the team had placed a small camp in the ghost town to stay at night.

The evening had arrived. A strange silence covered that area. There was nothing but the sudden bird wing sounds and chirping. A perfect environment for adventure also to get scared.

It was becoming darker over time. At last, night arrived. All-day creatures already reached their home and their existence faded away. The night creatures woke up. Now, It’s their time to haunt. They have already possessed the darkness. An unknown fear was growing.

One of the team members had already ignited the dry woods outside the camp. It was indeed a thrilling moment for all of them. They had never spent a night in a ghost town surrounded by jungle and far away from city life before. By singing, gossiping, and talking about the next day’s plans, their time was going well. After having a nice dinner, they went into the tent and decided to sleep.

The campfire was still alive. Most of them already fell asleep. There was silence for a few moments. Suddenly, A mysterious sound caught their attention. Something unusual was happening outside. Then the sounds just faded. Everyone was afraid. After 2/3 minutes, they saw a shadow of a creature on their tent screen. It was walking around their camp. Slowly, A few more of that ghostly creature had joined. But, It was their good luck that these creatures went away from there after a few minutes.

One of the team members were intensely curious and a bit brave. He went out and wanted to see the actual appearance of these creatures from a safe distance. However, He saw something like a goat in the jungle. He slowly and silently followed that thing. Suddenly, He noticed it was not a goat. It had a head like a human but the rest of the body was like a goat. Unfortunately, That creature saw him and ran away. After a few moments, It returned with many of the similar demons like creatures. These were coming towards him. The man got scared a lot. Then, He started running to save his life.

After running for a while, he lost his path to the camp. But, He had to continue running as those creatures were still following him. However, At last, he went near a lake and saw a boat. He got in without thinking anything and reached the middle of the lake. He noticed these creatures were crawling around the lake. Suddenly, Some of them went into the water. He could see all of these because it was the last part of the night and dawn was a few minutes away. In the law dim light, he noticed bubbles on the lake and their movements. He understood it was these creatures. They were coming towards the boat through underwater.

He was lucky because, in the meantime, the sun started rising. He saw a small ray of sun. Slowly, Those bubbles and creatures just disappeared. He then returned to their camp and explained everything to the other team members.

The story ends here. But, The man who experienced those things still brings that scary memory. The original story was telecast on Bhoot FM which is a popular horror FM radio episode of Radio Foorti. Radio Foorti is a popular Bangladeshi radio channel.

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