Experience in Dark Bhangarh Fort

It was winter when we decided to visit India. I had my long winter vacation; therefore, we all decided to visit India. India is surely a good holiday destination. We planned for a long tour and we started for the trip. Visiting India means visiting Agra and Rajasthan is a must. So we booked a car from a travel agency, which was more like a package. The package was, we will get a car for 2 weeks, with a driver and a guide. H\he guide was supposed to take us to seven tourist locations. We were pretty happy about the package and accepted it.

Our first destination was Agra, We Visited the Taj Mahal and then headed towards Rajasthan the next morning. I visited several tombs and a lot of locations. After visiting Sheesh Mahal we ran out of any destinations to be visited. According to the package we were supposed to visit seven locations, but so far we had visited six. My mother wanted to utilize the package completely, and she requested the guide to take us to another tourism spot. The guide asked me what kind of place we would like to visit as he took us to the most famous places already. When we first entered Jaipur for the first time, what attracted me the most was its ancientness, so I proposed our guide to take us to a ruined town. And soon our guide decided to take us to Alwar district, where a deserted town of Bhangarh is situated. Bhangarh is a destroyed town which is located between Jaipur and Alwar.

Bhangarh Fort Rajasthan

Experience in Bhangarh Fort

The Bhangarh Fort is the main attraction there. We started for Alwar from Rajasthan, at near about 12:30 pm. We were a bit late because we were supposed to start at 8am. Hence, we reached Alwar quite late. Finally, when we reached Bhangarh Fort, I was quite delighted to feel its primordial view. The fort is located on the border of the Sariska Reserve in the Aravali range of hills. It is also built on a hill chest.  The height is quite okay, you can have a great view of the after was city ruins. The entire fort continues with ascending stairway. The fort has four gates, as soon as we entered the gate we saw many temples of different Hindu God when we went inside we some houses and then we came near the dancer’s palace. We were there in just 30 min when a guard in Khaki uniform was announcing that the visitors had to leave the fort. I was quite shocked and later informed by our guide the fort is closed before the dusk and no one is allowed in the fort till the sun rises next morning. My family was no even bothered to enquire why the fort was restricted during the dark, but I was quite curious. I enquired about the reason from the guide, and he was in such a rush to leave that the only thing he replied was, this place is haunted. The answer was of course not enough for me. I saw my family members turning towards the gate. My family means, my mom, two aunts, my uncle and two cousins. The guide was the one who was leading to escape the fort. At that moment we were in the middle of the fort, no one was around. And the guards are often lazy to check the spots thoroughly. I was very curious to know why the location was haunted. When I asked my guide he was very annoyed and asked, “Don’t you know anything about the world’s 5th haunted destination?” His question made me more convinced stay back. I was looking for an excuse when my cousin said he had to use the washroom urgently. It gave me a plan. Went to my mom and told her to leave the fort, meanwhile, I will be there with my cousin as he had to use the washroom that bad, as there were no washrooms around, he definitely had to find a bush. I didn’t want my mother to wait for us at the gate, so I suggested her to go to the hotel, as we would walk to a local restaurant and enjoy. Luckily my mother agreed, I don’t know it was lucky or not, but she agreed. Later, my other cousin also wanted to join us. The sun was still there, and my cousin lightened himself. It was just three of us in there when I told them about my plan. I told them, “Let’s stay till it is dark.” They saw my eyes and were aware of my motives. Both of them declined, they said they were not ready for such adventure. But I somehow managed to convince them. And they finally agreed.

I was waiting for the sun to set, I was staring at the sun, I felt like then evening the sun took the longest time to set. Finally, it was dark, the sun was gone. We were waiting. I told my cousins we will stay for an hour after the sunset just to experience if something is really spooky about the place.

It was already forty minutes since the sunset. And nothing happened. We were still roaming around, just to spot one strange incident. But nothing happened. We were waiting and it was already an hour. We then decided to leave the fort and planned that if we met a guard outside, we will give an excuse for losing the track. While we were returning towards the gate, I heard some noise, it sounded like glass bangles. I looked at my cousin Kamal and Kamal was facing towards Rashed. I couldn’t see his face, and none of them reacted to any sound. SO I thought maybe it was a delusion. I heard the noise again, this is when Rashed came running towards me with fear. This is when I realize, it was no delusion. This time, I was Kamal’s face, he looked terrified. And Rashed, he was continuously accusing me of that feeling of fear. And I was accusing Kamal of is bladder emergency. We were having our little blame game when we a loud scream muted us. It was definitely a woman. This time, I was so afraid that I was blaming myself for such brave stupidity. I knew I was guilty, it was my responsibility to take my cousins home safely. So tried to pull off a brave look, I tried to act like nothing happened. I told them it’s nothing; maybe it’s the guards who are watching some movie on their smartphones. I told them we should not waste any more time and head towards the gate.

We kept on walking but couldn’t find the gate. While I was walking I saw a stone was coming towards me, like someone threw it aiming toward me. It dropped right in front of me. I tried to avoid stepping on it but I couldn’t. I ended up stepping on the stone. As soon as I steeped on the stone, I felt nothing. I raised my foot and saw something oily was there instead of the stone. I thought this would scare my cousins, however, I was astonished to see, and they evidenced nothing. It was just me who saw the stone. Again I blamed it on my fallacy. We were still failing to find a way out. Suddenly, we heard the woman again, she was screaming in Hindi, “I don’t love you, please let me go, how long will you keep me here, my father will take me someday.” The words were clear and all of us heard it right. I felt my body turning numb with fear. I could barely walk; I thought it couldn’t get worse when a male voice replied, “No one can save you, you are to be here with me, until the end but there is no end.”

I increased our velocity, but our excuse of not finding the gate was now our reality. It was really dark, we huddled together while speeding up. Unexpectedly, Kalam stopped; I was just about to ask him why he stopped when I saw someone standing in front oh him. He looked like a Sadhu, and we thought it was him whose voice we heard. I was ready to die; I was accepting the Sadhu to use his bizarre powers to kill us. He looked at me and said, “I am not what you think I am. My forefathers used to meditate here, and after them, I take care of this place. After the dusk, I protect this place from evil. But what are you doing here?  Your shadow is troubling me. I will perform my Puja now, leave before I start.”  I wondered for a while who is he and how is he allowed to perform Puja here at this time. The fort belonged to the government and Indian government is definitely not that humble and what shadow was he talking about, it was so dark, that our bodies hardly had any shadow. I still replied, “ We are very sorry, but we have lost our way. “ The Shadhu told us to look on our left. We turned left and saw a gate, we run towards it. When I looked back after a split-second to thank the Shadhu, what I saw was not only astonishing, it was capable enough to give someone a massive heart attack. So, when I turned back to thank the Shadhu, he was just not there. When I looked forward I saw my cousins running and I joined them back, I looked back again he was not there.I didn’t tell my cousins about it, as it would frighten them more. After coming out of the fort, we had to walk along we until we finally found a transport. We took a bus and came to the hotel directly. Three of us decided to keep out mouth shut. And we didn’t share the experince with anyone else, becaus ethat would either make them worried or they would not trust us at all.

I couldn’t sleep that night. Our hotel had wifi, so I searched for the Bhang that Fort on the internet. The internet was flooded with haunted experiences of Bhangarh Fort. But when I read the Legend of the Bhangarh Fort, I could complete the puzzle. I came to a conclusion of assumption, where I assumed that the female voice was of Ratnavati who was assassinated on the fort, with the curse of Sinha. Sinah was a wizard who died before her yet could trap Ratnavati’s soul even after death. The male voice who replied to her was Sinha himself. But the question was, who was that Sadhu, and how did he disappear that early. I assumed him to be Baba Balanath, as he speaks about the shadow.

The story is real, so is our experience. I don’t know whether my assumptions are right a part of me still believes someone was playing a prank on us. But I don’t know. As a science student, I find no logic behind it, but maybe few things in life have no logics.

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